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- Product name: Dried Stick Lac / Sticklac
- HS code: 1301.90.99
- Moisture content: Maximum of 2%
- Foreign matter: Maximum of 2%
- Packaging: 25 kg in plastic bag or carton box
- Container capacity: 20FCL: 12 tons

About Stick Lac:

Stick Lac (Sticklac) is a resinous protective secretion of the lac insects on the hosting trees. The business of growing Stick Lac (Sticklac) has been developed and existed in the two main areas of Vietnam, the North West and Central provinces, where having mountainous regions with the suitable conditions of altitude and weather for Stick Lac (Sticklac) occuring.

Most of Stick Lac (Sticklac) cultivators in Vietnam are tribal people. Their traditional cultivation method is to inoculate lac insects on to the hosting trees, which could be perennial trees or annual bushes. The cultivators must choose the right hosting trees scattered in the forest. Besides breeding lac insects, choosing the right hosting trees is important in their business.

After feeding lac insects on to the hosting trees, and leave it for swarming and come back to harvest it after five to six - months. The harvesting works will involve cutting down branches which bearing lac and tying broodlac to new hosting trees. The harvested host trees are left alone for one to two years so that new branches can come out. 


Stick Lac (Sticklac) is the raw material to produce seedlac and shellac which is being applied in many other industries, such as: painting, food, pharmaceuticals. Seedlac is obtained after crushing, grinding, sieving and washing Stick Lac (Sticklac). Afterwards, shellac are produced by a process of filtration in moltent state or in solvent.  

Vietnam Essential Oil., JSC has been a Vietnamese Stick Lac (Sticklac) exporter for more than 20 years. We do sourcing, processing and exporting the dried Stick Lac (Sticklac) from Vietnam. Our Stick Lac (Sticklac) is natural sun dried with the maximum of 3% moisture content.
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